Why using social media sites is a bad idea during your divorce

Nearly every person has an account with some type of social media service. People are increasingly relying upon these platforms to communicate with friends and relatives on a large scale. News can be passed along much more quickly, making it much easier to stay in touch.

For couples going through a divorce, the use of social media accounts can lead to significant complications when going through the process. While individuals may want to discuss what is happening in their lives, this may not necessarily be a wise idea at this time. The other side may try to use these postings or photos against their spouses, which can influence the court's decision in especially contentious divorce cases.

If a couple shares a social media account, these accounts should be closed immediately. Spouses could make postings that try to influence the opinions of friends and family, or make statements that are completely false in an effort to hurt the other person. This could lead to lengthy disputes online, which can have a major impact upon the proceedings.

For many individuals, the best move they can make to prevent problems from happening is to deactivate their accounts while their divorce is pending. Any and all of the information that they have will then be that much more difficult to obtain. They are also prevented from posting anything that they will later regret.

If they decide to keep their accounts, at a bare minimum they should change the passwords that they use to log in to these services. Often, their spouses will know this information, and could use this to gain access to these accounts. Individuals should also be sure that they log out of any of the services on devices that the other spouse will have access to, as many people have automatic log-ins set on their home tablets or personal computers.

Once the divorce is officially final, they still need to exercise caution about some of the things that they will decide to share. Questionable activity can still result in changes to custody agreements or have other adverse consequences.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce in New York, your first step should be to contact an experienced family law attorney familiar with the state's divorce laws. Your attorney will be able to offer you practical advice about your specific situation, and help you focus on what you need to do to ensure that your words and pictures on social media sites will not come back to haunt you.