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Establishing wills and other estate planning tools is an important first step in preserving the hard-earned physical and financial assets people work so hard to acquire. The actual process of transferring those assets and property after the death of a loved one can involve administrative requirements and even legal challenges by others. White Plains, New York probate attorney Nicholas P. Barone can help smooth this transition during this difficult time for your family.

The probate and estate administration law firm of Nicholas P. Barone provides full-range of probate and estate administration services including:

  • Will Filings
  • Probate Litigation
  • Estate Administration
  • Trust Administration
  • Guardianship Transfers

Probate administration attorney Nicholas P. Barone is committed to families, and he knows that during times of bereavement it is difficult for families to concentrate on the details involved in probating an estate. Contact the Law Offices of Nicholas P. Barone today for a confidential legal consultation to prevent possible difficulties that can arise regarding your estate.

Will Contests

We have all heard stories of disagreements that sometimes occur between the relatives of a deceased person regarding the distribution of the estate. Frequently this leads to probate litigation between relatives creating distress and emotional wounds that may never heal between family members. Don't let this happen to you. Let a skilled and aggressive litigator help protect your family's rights and interests during this difficult time. We serve a variety of clients in matters such as defending the validity of a will, or alleging undue influence that deprived a beneficiary of rightful inheritance.

Marital Property Concerns

The heart of most family disputes over an estate involves ownership or control of assets or debt. While real estate or financial accounts acquired during marriage are subject to equitable distribution in a divorce, inherited property is typically not considered marital property. Complications can arise, especially if a spouse dies during a divorce proceeding. Our broad spectrum of legal experience provides us with valuable insight into ideal ways to help you protect your interests during a difficult, emotionally charged time for your family.

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