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Jennifer in White Plains, NY

Nick Barone is everything you would ever want in an attorney. His knowledge in the area of family law is extensive and his commitment to do what is best for families is evident in the dedicated, passionate way he works with his clients.

I retained Nick Barone for child support issues. Upon meeting him, I immediately felt comfortable during a very uneasy time in my life. He listened, prepared, explained everything and throughout the whole process, every one of my emails and phone calls were returned so quickly.

My case was not easy. My ex did not pay child support for over a year and he was self-employed, hid is cash income and claimed he made less than he actually did. My ex was even more difficult to deal with; he deliberately lied, was vindictive, manipulative and rude. This only made Nick Barone fight harder -he obtained all the facts, strategized and was able to present my case in trial. He handled it skillfully from beginning to end and ultimately secured a positive outcome. The court determined an appropriate amount of child support and placed an Order of Child Support.

My family and I highly recommend Nick Barone. He has the heart of a parent, the support of a spouse and the professionalism, intelligence and strength of an excellent attorney. We have so much gratitude for his personal touch, genuine care and true professionalism.

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