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One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is the cost. When you get stuck in a battle with your spouse over the terms of your divorce, the expenses can quickly add up. The bad feelings created by the divorce process can linger long after the divorce is finalized. When you share children with your spouse, this can make effective co-parenting extremely difficult. Fortunately, you have other options.

Mediation is an alternative way of getting a divorce in New York state. It is a process that focuses on helping parties reach a amicable and equitable agreement. At the Law Offices of Nicholas P. Barone in White Plains, we are familiar with the impact divorce can have on you and your children, which is why we encourage mediation as an alternative to traditional divorce through litigation.

It is possible to get a legal separation or divorce without going to court. Contact attorney Nicholas P. Barone to learn more about how he can help you.

Divorcing Amicably Through Negotiation

Attorney Nicholas P. Barone has over 25 years of experience at negotiating settlements and helping his clients resolve their divorces amicably. He can help you work through all aspects of your divorce, including:

We can help you successfully negotiate a marital agreement. This will help reduce antagonistic feelings so you and your ex can both adjust to the separation or divorce and look ahead to the future.

How Mediation Differs From Traditional Divorce

Mediation is different from a traditional divorce in that in a traditional divorce parties rely on lawyers to define their needs and expectations, based upon the lawyers’ understanding of the law. A divorce is usually adversarial with both parties taking the position advocated by their lawyers.

On the other hand, mediation is a process where the parties themselves are in control and make their own decisions. Mediation will reduce the tension and trauma of divorce, thus helping the couple to achieve a sense of peace after the emotional and financial stress of ending their marriage.

Mediation will assist in:

  • Promoting communication and cooperation
  • Allowing both parties to retain control over decisions affecting their lives
  • Addressing the needs of everyone involved
  • Assisting the children in realizing that their parents are working together for their interests and future
  • Focusing on the future in a positive manner

Mediation takes less time than litigation and costs significantly less than litigation.

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