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Estate Planning and Litigation

Comprehensive Westchester County Estate Planning Lawyer

Attorney Nicholas P. Barone knows that you have worked hard for what you have. Now you need a wealth-preservation strategy to guarantee that your heirs will be able to benefit from the fruits of your labor, through the orderly transfer of wealth and assets.

At the Law Offices of Nicholas P. Barone, we provide experienced estate and tax planning services to clients from communities in Westchester County, to the New York City area. To explore your options and learn more about how we can help you, contact our White Plains law office today by calling 914-288-6283 to schedule an informative initial consultation.

We Work Carefully With You to Establish Procedures for Your Designated Decision-Makers

Now is the time to create procedures that will guide your designated decision-makers in the future and to ensure that your final wishes will be honored. There are many acceptable ways to plan for all the stages of your life. For example, the Westchester County estate planning lawyer, Nicholas P. Barone, can assist you and your family through the creation of:

  • Wills to help ensure your beneficiaries know your intentions
  • Living wills in consideration of possible health care-related decisions
  • Powers of attorney for a loved one to make important financial decisions on your behalf
  • Creation of trusts for special needs, giving and tax purposes

If you have children, it is important to consider the possibility of drafting a will with the added provisions of a minor’s trust, as well as a provision for the guardianship of your minor children.

White Plains Estate Tax Lawyer Ready to Assist With Planning for Probate

Because you have always been a good planner and money manager, your personal assets have grown and prospered. Now more than ever, it is important to add tax planning to your wealth-preservation strategy. Tax planning in relation to your estate during probate and estate administration is imperative in order to assist your heirs in avoiding unnecessary inheritance taxes that could erode the financial benefits you have nurtured so carefully over the years.

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E-mail or call Westchester County estate planning lawyer Nicholas P. Barone for a confidential tax and estate planning consultation so you can protect your assets for future generations. We proudly serve clients throughout Westchester County and nearby communities.

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