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Child Support

Child Support

White Plains Family Law Attorney

No one would deny that children need a roof over their head, food, clothing and whatever advantages parents can provide. There is great disagreement, however, in virtually any divorce, over what will be provided and who will pay for it.The parent with custody bears much of the burden and expenses associated with caring for children. The noncustodial parent will have to contribute an amount ordered by the court. The custodial parent’s income will be taken into account in determining what amount the noncustodial parent will have to pay in child support.

New York Child Support Guidelines

The starting point in what will be ordered by a court is the New York state Child Support Standards Act (CSSA). These are guidelines set by the legislature. In adjusting this amount, the court will weigh certain factors, such as the living standard the children were accustomed to, their mental and physical health, and their educational needs. These issues are usually settled without the need for trial.

Work With An Experienced Family Law Attorney

Part of the role Mr. Barone will play is to estimate for you what you will be entitled to receive or obligated to pay. Even when settling the matter out of court, an agreement that is unfair to the children or to either party may be prohibited by the court. Remember, the best interest of the child is the universal standard in determining child custody. Should the financial situation change significantly, a modification of your child support order may be possible.

Mr. Barone is an experienced negotiator dedicated to the best outcome for you and your children. He is a stalwart litigator when necessary. Past clients refer their friends and relatives to our firm for these qualities, and the understanding and respect shown to clients.

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