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Theana in New Rochelle

“To Judge Barone:

We have never met, but I know you through the reflection of your fine son Nick.

One month ago, my husband and I had a problem that should not have been. There were times when we just could not believe our financial misfortune, as though the constellation had shifted dramatically in the sky. It was a homeowners’ insurance issue that left us feeling totally abandoned by our insurance company.

Solid minds and former New Rochelle neighbors led us to Nick. Quick to grasp and quick to act, he intervened in the most effective manner, sparing all parties needless litigation. Soon the problem that should never have been was no longer.

Having grown up in politics (my father served 24 years in Congress), 1 have come to appreciate those who serve the public. Public service requires a special calling to do it day in, day out, and do it well.

Obviously, Nick shares your dedication, He’s not hesitant to pick up the phone and get the job done. He has learned well by your example, and my husband and I are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of his good work. To this end, we thank you and Mrs. Barone.

With best regards,


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